Becoming an Android Developer

Becoming an Android Developer

If you are interested in creating your first Android application, I have listed some resources below to get you started:

Programming Languages

Android apps are primarily written in a programming language called Java. Before diving into your first app, you should become familiar with the language. Below are some excellent resources for learning Java:

Other programming languages that will be useful to know are XML, JSON, SQL, and Bash.


To start developing your first Android app, you will need to install the Java JDK and select an IDE ( Android StudioEclipseIntelliJ IDEA, etc.). You can find more instructions on setting up your development environment on Other useful Android developer tools include:

Getting Started

Once you have a grasp on Java and have successfully setup your development environment you are ready to create your first app. The Android developer team has put together some great resources on helping you start. Start small and work your way up to larger projects. If you get stuck, use and for help and code examples. I strongly suggest that new developers go through the “Getting Started” section on This will take you through developing your first “Hello World” application and help you become familiar with Android APIs.



Android development can feel overwhelming at first. Don’t give up! If you are truly passionate about your idea then make it become a reality. Get involved with the Android community. You can find instant help on #android-dev (IRC via and from other popular developers found on both Twitter and Google+.

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