Jared Alan Rummler (born August 16th, 1985) is an American entrepreneur and software engineer. He is the founder and CEO of goatbytes.io.

Business Career

Early Career

In 2010, Rummler began developing after-market distributions of the Android Operating System (OS). He was the first engineer to publish a ROM based on CyanogenMod [2] which was a fork of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Rummler amassed a large group of Android enthusiasts who installed his after-market distributions of the OS [2, 3]. In 2010, Rummler published Android Overclock, the first app to overclock the Motorola DroidX and Droid2 smartphones [4]. The app received a review in CNN Tech and was a top-15 paid app on the Android Market.

JRummy Apps Inc.

Rummler incorporated JRummy Apps Inc. (JRummy) in 2012 with a keen focus on Android. JRummy published over 20 apps on Google Play with an emphasis on user customization, utilities, and security. The apps were ranked in the top-10 overall paid apps category, top-100 grossing apps category, and trending apps category [5]. The apps gained over 50-million downloads from 2012-2017. The apps published by JRummy were acquired in 2017 by Maple Media, LLC. [6, 7, 8, 9, 10].


After the asset purchase, Rummler was a senior software engineer or engineering manager on projects for Honda Innovations, iHeartRadio, Katalyst Fitness, the NBA, Float.Today, Invoy, and VotingApp. Rummler was the lead engineer on the team that won the grand prize at the 2018 LA AutoMobility Hackathon. Rummler developed Dashero which was debuted at CES2019 by Ford Motor Company.


Rummler is currently the founder and CEO of GoatBytes.IO.

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