• Movember: My Cancer Story

    If you watched any cartoons in the 1990’s you are probably familiar with the animated series “Hey Arnold!” and the fictional character Eugene. Those who know me may accurately compare some of our characteristics. Like Eugene, I am an accident-prone nerd who tries to find the optimistic side of my general misfortunes.


  • Best Google Chrome Apps and Extensions

    Here are some of my most used apps and extensions for Google Chrome:


  • Motherhood

    If life is something to be celebrated, then the giver of life must be an even greater thing to celebrate.


  • Hello, world!

    If I was walking down a street and saw you I would probably say “Hello”. I always find it interesting to see the different reactions from random strangers. Some are friendly, some are shy, and some completely ignore you.

    What kind of person are you? Are you an open book? (more…)